DYWIDAG Systems for the Conversion of Augsburg Main Station

The public transportation system of the city of Augsburg is being modernized within the scope of what is known as the Augsburg City Project. The Augsburg Mobility Hub (MDA) is an integral part of this project that will ensure a better connection between the city’s various means of public transportation.

The work at the main station in the form of a multi-level tunnel structure and the construction of a new tram tunnel are an important part of the MDA. Furthermore, the junction structure VE 2212 is being built for which an excavation volume of 10,000m² was required.

In this area, a 1,500m² pile wall with 120mm Ø piles and a 1,600m² girder support system with shotcrete infill was constructed.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Germany supplied 170 temporary Type 4-8-0.6" DYWIDAG Strand Anchors to stabilize these structures.

Five DYWIDAG Strand Anchors were equipped with 3 DYNA Force® Sensors per anchor and monitored for half a year. In addition, DSI produced and supplied 200m of single corrosion protected 20mm Ø DYWIDAG Soil Nails.


Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs-GmbH, Germany


Max Bögl Stiftung & Co.KG, Germany


DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, BU Geotechnics, Germany


Production, supply, technical support


170 temporary DYWIDAG Strand Anchors, 200m of 20mm Ø DYWIDAG Soil Nails, 15 DYNA Force® Sensors, 1 Readout Unit

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