The new Eibsee Gondola on the Zugspitze Mountain: DYWIDAG Systems for Germany’s highest Jobsite

On the highest jobsite in Germany, the Zugspitze Mountain, the new Eibsee cableway is being built parallel to the existing cableway and will ultimately replace the existing system that was built in 1963. With a capacity of 120 people per gondola, the pendulum cableway will be one of the world’s largest with a capacity that is three times that of the existing system.

The new, nearly 4.5km long cable car is being built with only one instead of two support towers. At a height of 127m, the support tower is the world’s tallest, and the cableway also has the world’s longest free span covering 3,213m.

Work is being carried out while the existing cable car is still in operation, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2017. A new ropeway for material transport was built to transport the required construction materials for the new mountain terminal that is located at an elevation of 2,950m. The material is lifted into the different working panels using an erection crane.

For the new mountain station, approximately 1,000m³ of rock had to be removed. In total, 1,200m³ of concrete, 500t of steel and 330t of reinforcing steel are required for this building. The new summit station was designed with a cantilever that juts out by 30m. For this purpose, a tieback structure with two compression and two tension foundations was required that were tied back into the rock up to 16m deep using anchors.

To stabilize the foundation in the mountain terminal, 38 uncoated and double corrosion protected, 32-63.5mm Ø, 6-11m long GEWI® Soil Nails were used. In an additional step, 34 permanent, 12 strand, Type SUSPA Systems Strand Anchors were installed. These systems serve to anchor the foundation for the 30m cantilever of the mountain station and were installed vertically into the foundation. This way, the cantilevering building is tied back and stabilized.

DSI also supplied 8 permanent 40 WR, 8-14m long DYWIDAG Anchors and 55 permanent, 40mm Ø, 8-14m long GEWI® Anchors. The DSI scope also included 700m of 28, 32 and 40mm Ø, 2.5-6m long GEWI® Bars and 300m of fabric tubes for anchor encasement.


Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, Germany

Lead Design

Joint Venture BauCon-Hasenauer-AIS, consisting of BauCon ZT GmbH, HASENAUER.ARCHITEKTEN ZTGmbH and AIS - Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH, all of them Austria

General Contractor



GEOS Spezialbau GmbH, Austria

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, Austria

DSI Scope

Production, supply, tensioning

DYWIDAG Products

38, 6-11m long, 32-63.5mm Ø GEWI® Soil Nails, 34 permanent, 12 strand, 21.5m long Type SUSPA Systems Strand Anchors, 8 permanent 40 WR, 8-14m long DYWIDAG Anchors, 55 permanent, 40mm Ø, 8-14m long GEWI® Anchors, 700m of 28, 32 and 40mm Ø, 2.5-6m long GEWI® Bars, 300m of fabric tubes for anchor encasement

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