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Gioia Tauro is an important seaport in southern Italy. The city is located directly on the route that connects Suez to Gibraltar – on one of the world’s most frequented marine corridors. Gioia Tauro Harbor’s Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) is the seventh largest container port in Europe.

Since shipping traffic and container handling have dramatically increased over the last few years, Gioia Tauro’s harbor is currently being expanded. In order to permit a simultaneous entering and exiting of ships, the harbor basin is being enlarged. This also includes construction work at the southern harbor entrance and an 18m deep excavation. The plans also specify a wharf extension from 4 to 5km and an enlargement of the shipping channel. Construction work on one of six lots began in December 2007 and will be finished by August 2010.

In order to be able to receive the new, bigger generation of ships used for container traffic, the Port Authority decided to increase the depth of the port channel and docks to -16.00m and to enlarge the eastern quays.

DYWIT supplied 165t of 63.5mm Ø GEWI® Bars and accessories for the extension of the harbor. The 13.4m long GEWI® Bars were used as shear connection between the new quay slabs and the old crane-rail beams. In addition, DYWIT’s experienced personnel provided technical assistance on site.


Autorità Portuale Gioia Tauro (harbor authority), Gioia Tauro, Italy

General contractors

Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.a., Rome, Italy; Società Italiana Dragaggi S.p.a., Rome, Italy; Pietro Cidonio S.p.a., Rome, Italy; VIPP Lavori S.p.a., Angiari, Italy


TAUROS Opere Portuali , Italy


D’Apollonia S.p.a., Genoa, Italy; Acquatecno S.r.l., Rome, Italy; Architecna Engineering, Messina, Italy

DSI Unit

DYWIT S.P.A., Milano, Italy


Supply of approximately 165 t of 63.5mm Ø GEWI® Bars and accessories; technical assistance 

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