Cantilever Construction facilitates Easy Travelling: the Tanaro Bridge in Italy

The city of Alessandria in northern Italy is located between two rivers, the Bormida and Tanaro, and as a result has been frequently flooded.

That is why construction work started on the “Variante” a short while ago. This 93km long special bypass will not only serve to relieve the traffic situation in the city center. In fact, the road is also designed as a dam structure that will protect the town from future floods.

DYWIT has been contributing to one of the bypass sections: the construction of the Tanaro Bridge. This bridge has a total length of 400m and is being built using the cantilever method.

The Tanaro Bridge consists of two parallel superstructures with 3 spans each. The bridge’s main span is 100m, and the side spans have lengths of 50m each. DYWIT used Low Relaxation Strands Type 1670/1860 in sizes of 9,12 and 15x0,6" for longitudinally prestressing the bridge deck. In total, DYWIT supplied approximately 218t of strands including anchorages and sheathing. In addition, DYWIT also rented the equipment necessary for installation and provided technical assistance on site.

The Post-Tensioning Systems used facilitated the rapid completion of this innovative infrastructure project.


ANAS Torino, Provincia di Alessandria, Italy

General Contractor

IMPRESA S.P.A., Rome, Italy

Consulting Engineers

Studio Progetti e Ambiente, Italy

DSI Unit

DYWIT S.P.A., Milan, Italy


Supply of approximately 218t of strand type 1670/1860, 9,12 and 15x0.6", including accessories and equipment; technical assistance Photo courtesy of IMPRESA S.p.a., Italy

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