DYWIDAG Bar Anchors used for Dam Project, Orgosolo, Sardinia

Cumbidanovu Dam, Sardinia

With over 2,500 hours of sun per year, Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a very popular holiday destination. However, its dry climate and extreme summer temperatures regularly result in water shortages.

To alleviate these shortages, a new dam is being built in the province of Nuoro, in Eastern Sardinia. The dam with a final height of 72.73m is located on the river Cedrino, near Orgosolo village.

The lake created by the dam stretches over an area of some 281km² and has a volume of approximately 13 million m³ of water. It will not only provide several parishes with drinking water, but will also serve as the source of water for the industrial estates of Pratosardo and Oliena.

Approximately 303,297m³ of concrete are needed for the dam itself. Due to the presence of predominantly granite rock with signs of weathering on its surface, the excavation pit needed to be especially deep.

Rock conditions are especially unstable at the left dam abutment, which is why the DSI company DYWIT S.P.A. was assigned to supply double corrosion protected (DCP) and prestressed DYWIDAG anchors for securing the dam.

DYWIT decided to use DCP (Double Corrosion Protection) bar anchors because of their reliable and long-term corrosion protection. The company delivered 25,000m of 26.5, 32 and 40mm diameter WR 950/1050 DCP bar anchors. The anchors were in lengths of 15 to 30m with bond lengths of 5m each. DYWIDAG DCP Bar Anchors are the ideal solution for the reliable and secure permanent stabilisation of the new dam.


Bonifica della Sardegna Centrale consortium, Nuoro, Italy

General Contractor

Diga Alto Cedrino Scarl, Tortona, Italy


Lombardi SA, Minusio, Switzerland


Opere Geotecniche SNC, Monastir, Italy

DSI Unit

DYWIT S.P.A., Milan, Italy


Supply of 25,000m of DCP Bar Anchors; technical assistance 

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