GEWI® Tendons reinforce roof structures

Construction of a new exhibition hall for the Giovannelli plant farm, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy

The new WOODSYSTEM Connection System, in which wooden trusses are prestressed with GEWI® Bars, is ideally suited for the roof structures of large halls, sport stadiums, trade show booths and large tents. GEWI® Tendons are ideally suited for this type of reinforcement application. The WOODSYSTEM is patented in North America and Europe.

A combination of the WOODSYSTEM and GEWI® Bars was used to erect the roof of a new plant farm in Pietrasanta located on the Italian coast between La Spezia and Livorno. The hall where plants will be exhibited in the future covers an area of 2,800 m². DYWIT S.P.A. supplied about 6.5 t of Ø 32 mm, grade St 500/550 GEWI® Bars, including accessories to reinforce the laminated wood roof structure. The maximum span length is 39 m for this project. The new exhibition hall has now been well strengthened to resist the strong winds that frequently occur on that section of the coast.


Centro Verde Giovannelli Sas, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy

Sub-Contractor (roof)

Woodsystem s.a.s., Moncalieri, Italy


Dott. Antonio Rafanelli, Massa Carrara, Italy

Statics (roof)

Dott. Marco Tobaldini, Turin, Italy

DSI Unit

DYWIT S.P.A., Milan, Italy

DSI Scope

Supply and installation of about 6.5 t Ø 32 mm, grade St 500/550 GEWI® Bars, including accessories 

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