Cantilever segmental bridges prestressed with DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems

Widening of the Torino-Savona Expressway by two lanes, Millesimo (Savona), Italy

The Torino-Savona expressway crosses the Cadibona Pass and links the Po Plane to the Ligurian Coast. The difficult orographic conditions and the existing soil conditions in the region presented a particular construction challenge.

The existing expressway with only one lane in each direction was built in 1956. Extension to two lanes in each direction began in 1998.The project comprises two new cantilever segmental bridges which are 410 and 235 m long, with a maximum span of 115 m.

For the longitudinal post-tensioning of the bridge structures DYWIT S.P.A.supplied 560 t 17-0.6" DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons and 46 t DYWIDAG THREADBARS® with accessories and supported the stressing operations with technical assistance.

Construction of the expressway was completed in late November 2001.


ATS Autostrada Torino-Savona SpA, Italy

General Contractor

J.V.Carena SPA-Mattioda SpA, Italy

Technical Advice

SPEA Ingegneria Europea, Italy

DSI Unit

DYWIT S.P.A., Milan, Italy

DSI Services

Supply of 560 t 17-0.6" DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems and 46 t DYWIDAG Bars with accessories; Rental of stressing equipment; Technical support. 

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