Milano Fair New Exhibition Buildings


Three buildings each consisting of two floors and a roof parking (footprint: 650m x 109m) connected by pedestrian and vehicular bridges crossing two public roads

System:36mm Ø DYWIDAG bar tendons (St 1080/1230), 25 mm Ø GEWI® threadbars

Application:Connection of the precast concrete roof/ mezzanine decks with precast concrete columns; connection of trussed steel bridges to concrete abutments; anchoring of a building overhang; continuity reinforcement between stair elements and stair frame

Special Features:After hoisting of the precast roof decks to their final position they are prestressed against steel brackets placed in the column recesses

Construction Period:1995 - 1998


E.A. Fiera Milano

Structural Engineering

Redesco srl - Studio Giuliani, Milan


M. Bellini, Milan

General Contractor

Itaca Joint Venture consisting of: CMC, Ravenna, Recchi, Turin, Maltauro, Vicenza, Fraboni, Bologna

DSI Services

Supply of 43 t of DYWIDAG bar tendons and 40 t of GEWI® threadbars

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